Final Event Adjustments made as SNODOWN is ready to launch this weekend!

The Country Cat Snodown Racing Festival is ready to kick off this weekend! The weather looks excellent and the event is in the final stages of preparation.

Ice Oval takes pride in building a driver first series. After recent feedback regarding the combo of the Pro Champ and the Pro Lite classes we have chosen to make the final adjustments before the event.

– The Pro Champ and Pro Lite classes will revert to previous posted pay, not combined. Updated payout is at:

– The Pro Champ will run their own Final if they have 4 or more entries. If less then 4 they will run a combined final with the Pro Lite class, scored as separate classes and paid as separate classes.

– If the Pro Champ has 5 or more entries the Arnie Ranta Back Row Challenge will be available to any Pro Lite racer that wants to tag the back row of the Pro Champ Final and win extra cash. See details at:

– Late Model 440 will now run both days of SNODOWN, day show.

– Factory Stock 600 will now run both days of SNODOWN, night show, with Year End Points Fund.

– Championship Payout disclaimer: If a class does not average 5 racers per event day, per class, (Total / 4 SNODOWN event days) then class will be paid 50% of posted Championship Payout.

We appreciate the amount of support and feedback as we build Ice Oval. We are jacked to see you at the races this weekend!

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